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8 Browns Rookies Sign NFL Contracts

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Eight of the Browns’ 11 draft picks have signed their NFL contracts. 

Emmanuel Acho, Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden are the three who have yet to sign their deals. Ironically, Weeden and Richardson are the two guys who continue to dominate the headlines at rookie mini-camp.

It took two practices, but the Browns rookies have settled down in Berea.

“Everything was a little bit smoother from the play call in the huddle, to getting lined up and, of course, the quarterback, center exchange,” said Browns head coach Pat Shurmur.

Quarterback Brandon Weeden continues to impress. The 22nd overall pick is extremely accurate, and just seems to flick the ball through the air without much effort. It’s the way he delivers the ball that is certain to help receivers.

“He throws the ball with a smooth motion,” Shurmur said. “That ball presents itself to the receiver as well and I think that helps them be more efficient catching it.”

Trent Richardson is another player who is getting plenty of attention in Berea.  Shurmur is not only impressed by what the Alabama running back is doing on the field, but also the way he is built.

“Very powerful man; he’s powerfully built. Don’t let the 5’9” fool you. He can get his foot down and slash it up in the line of scrimmage, and by the nature of his build, it’s sometimes hard to get your arms around and tackle him,” Shurmur said.

One of the rookies the Browns are relying on heavily this year is offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz. He is expected to start at right tackle and already is making strides.

“You have to have good technique. I think I had two good coaches that hammered that home, and I’ve been able to learn from guys who have been in the pros before and understand what the techniques are that work,” said Schwartz.

The second-round pick out of California can’t wait to get on the field and learn from Joe Thomas.

“He makes it seem so effortless out there, and he is so smooth. He is such a great athlete, and he is also a great technician. His feet are always in great position, his hands are always great–he does a lot of stuff that mixes it up,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz will get that chance later this month.

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