Police Say Man Popped Wheelie During High Speed Chase

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AKRON, Ohio — Authorities tracked a Wadsworth man by helicopter after he allegedly fled police on his motorcycle and even popped a wheelie to taunt them.

According to the Akron Police website, Jeffrey P. Flaherty Jr., 22, was arrested and charged with willful fleeing, reckless operation and speeding following a weekend incident.

Police say Flaherty was operating his motorcycle on an expressway, going between 70 and 90 miles-per-hour, while weaving in-and-out of traffic.

Akron Police attempted to pull over Flaherty and a chase ensued.

According to the Akron Police website, at one time Flaherty decelerated to 70 miles-per-hour and began riding a wheelie while still in traffic.

Police discontinued their chase and called in their helicopter to track the fleeing suspect.

He was eventually stopped at Mt. Pleasant Road, east of Christman Road in Jackson Township.

Flaherty was later transported into the custody of Akron Police.