Clevelanders Respond to Casino Security Strategies

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CLEVELAND — The City of Cleveland is trying to limit the risk gamblers might face outside the city’s new Horseshoe Casino, scheduled to open next Monday.

Police will be on duty on Public Square, and public safety forces will also be monitoring the city’s surveillance cameras around downtown, to make sure high rollers are unmolested.

Aries Maynor of Cleveland told Fox 8 News, “There’s a lot of loitering around, so I think it’s a good idea.”

Those who plan to visit the casino are hoping the presence of police and the cameras will serve as a crime deterrent and limit nuisance complaints.

“They don’t want homeless people hanging outside of it, because people won’t want to come in,” said Jessica Liptay of Parma Heights. “So it’ll be better for them.”

Although some people may view the use of cameras as an invasive tactic, most have accepted the fact that any time there’s a crowd or a lot of money involved, big brother will be watching.

“As long as the arm doesn’t reach out too far, but I think if it’s just in this area, I think it’s okay,” said Heath Butzer of Shaker Heights.