Animals in the News: Llamas, Dogs and Bears!

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Forget Cats … That’s a Bear in the Tree!

ORLANDO, Florida -- Residents were startled Sunday when they discovered a 200-pound black bear perched in a tree.

Wildlife officials believe the bear is around 2 years old. It was spotted around the Orlando neighborhood days prior to climbing the tree. They say the animal was likely run off by its mother to start life on its own.

Officials waited for the bear to come down from the tree before tranquilizing it, as they did not want it to get hurt in the fall from the tree. It was later released into a nearby forest.

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Source: CNN/Central Florida News 13


Llama Saved from Euthanasia by Prosthetic Leg

By KTXL News

NEWCASTLE, California -- Bella, a 12-year-old llama in Newcastle, has a new lease on life, thanks to a prosthetic leg.

The llama had stepped in a gopher hole and severely injured her leg about two years ago.

Bella's owners, Trish and Chuck Brandt-Robuck, say that for months, doctors tried to heal the leg but an infection had set in. The leg had to be amputated.

After the amputation, Bella stopped moving around, and eventually stopped standing up.

To keep Bella from being euthanized, the Brandt-Robucks opted to outfit her with a prosthetic leg.

Three-and-a-half months later, Hanger Clinic prosthetist Michael Carlson has built Bella a custom prosthetic leg.

Bella's owners say the llama quickly figured out the new leg, and even shows "happy signs" when her prosthetic teams shows up and "sad signs" when they leave.


Bow-Wow! A Skateboarding Bulldog

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (CNN) -- A bulldog is turning heads in Indianapolis.

He can skateboard better than many humans can.

Erick Yorkman has three bulldogs but only Max can wow a crowd.

The three-year-old dog has learned to shift his weight to guide the board from side to side, and he can ride it down stairs.

Yorkman says Max enjoys rolling down the street -- and so far, no broken doggie bones!

Source: WRTV 6