Couple Downsizes to 127-Square-Foot Home

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Jeremy Hubbard, KDVR, Reporting

DENVER — It may be the tiniest house in the state of Colorado.

And for the first time Wednesday morning a local couple woke up in their humble 127-square foot abode.

For environmental and financial reasons they decided to go small, really small.

Christopher Smith and his girlfriend Merete Mueller moved their mobile, miniaturized home 115 miles from a location near Boulder to its final destination in Park County this week.  It was the final stage of a yearlong downsizing dream.

To them, less is more.

“Especially with the recession, just the idea that you can own a home outright out of your pocket – maybe just a minimal expense to own the land – is pretty appealing to people,” says Mueller.

So for just a few thousand dollars, they bought the land and built a home — that is roughly 1/20th the size of the average American house.

Seems simplistic, but finishing this place took about eight months longer than planned.

“Well it turns out that when you don`t know how to build a house, things can take a little longer than you think,” says Smith.

If that seemed hard, they had no idea what was in store as they tried to get it over mountain passes.

The couple documented every mile of the treacherous trip, for a movie they`re making about the tiny house movement.

And it is a movement.  Tiny houses are popping up around the country with some as small as 89 square feet.

The idea is that living with less, simplifies your life.