Sleeping Bear Tranquilized; Falls From Tree

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By Shaul Turner, KDVR, Reporting

It seems a bear decided to head to school for his spring break vacation.

Students at the University of Colorado in Boulder spotted the 200 pound young bear roaming around in the Williams Village area around 8 a.m.

He ended up near, of all places, the Bear Creek Apartments, where Rhonda Chesnutt was putting some money into the parking meter.

“I felt something run into the back of my legs and I thought it was a large St. Bernard,” she says.

When she turned around she couldn’t believe it was a bear and adds, “I was really excited. I’m into wildlife and I always wanted to see a bear not in a cage.”

Rhonda then asked others why they didn’t tell her a bear was approaching and says they decided it would be best to not alarm her.

The bear ran off and ended up finding a nice branch in a nearby tree where he napped for two hours right on 30thStreet.

State Parks and Wildlife rangers carefully tranquilized him then positioned large thick mats around the tree.

The bear went to sleep then fell onto the mats safely. CU Boulder Police spokesperson Ryan Huff says, “it was a perfect landing.”

The rangers then tagged the bear and put him into a holding cage.

The animal was checked out and later released back home in Colorado’s high country.

Rangers remind us to secure garbage to avoid attracting wild animals looking for food.

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