Man Accused of Exposing Self to Girls in Bay Village

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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio -- Police in Bay Village are looking for a man who is allegedly exposing himself to teenage girls.

"A fourteen-year-old girl was walking home April 20, and near the intersection of East Oakland and Glen Park, a male drove by her and made a sexually explicit remark and then exposed himself to her," said Lt. Mark Spaetzel, with the Bay Village Police Department.

And just four days later, a similar incident.

Police say same guy; same M.O.

"This thirteen-year-old girl was walking behind the Bay Middle School when a male, again, driving a dark blue, four-door sedan, drove by her and made a sexually explicit comment to her.  Again, the male had dark hair and the inside of the car was a dark interior," added Spaetzel.

According to Bay Village police, both incidents happened around the same time.

They both involved teenage girls, and they both happened just feet away from Bay Middle School.

Heidi Langer is among the parents who were notified by Bay Village Middle School about the suspect.

"I am very concerned because I have young children in the school system. I have a couple daughters around the same age. And we live in this community that is very small," said Langer.

And because of the close-knit community, Bay Village police believe they will find the suspect sooner than later.

But until then, they are telling residents to be extra aware during the early evening.

"(The incidents happened) at a time that maybe someone got off of work and was driving around the neighborhoods. So, we are looking for people to be vigilant during those times  and keep their eyes and ears open," said Lt. Spaetzel.

"Things like this don't happen here. But it did. So now we open the discussion and we talk to our kids about strangers: what to do, what not to do. And we can all keep our eyes open!" added Langer.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Bay Village Police Department.

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