Cleveland Fans Sound Off on Browns’ Draft Picks

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Just under 2,000 people showed up to the Browns draft party at Cleveland Browns Stadium hoping the Browns would give them plenty to cheer about.

Cleveland delivered that and much more.

Before the NFL Draft even began, the Cleveland Browns were already making plenty of noise by trading with the Minnesota Vikings for the third overall pick.

"I think it's a great trade for the Browns to give up a 4th, 5th and 7th to secure a guy like Trent Richardson. He's a great player and makes the offense instantaneously better," said Matt Bradley, of Willoughby.

"Yeah, I'm happy that they are actually being aggressive before the draft, and let's hope it continues throughout the whole draft," said Steve Cohrs, of Brooklyn.

And then at 8:20 on draft night, it was the moment every Browns fan had been waiting for:

"With the third pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Trent Richardson, RB Alabama," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced.

It was a grand slam pick for the fans.

"I think the Browns hit a home run. I believe the Browns turned the corner. This is a franchise pick and this will make it seem like the 2009 draft never happened," said one Browns fan dressed up in Browns gear.

"I'm just happy they made a good pick. I think he is a solid starter. He'll step right in and give us the offense we need," said Gino Giavonette, of Mayfield Heights.

"I'm happy with Richardson. I'm just happy they didn't trade down this year," Tara Mowry, of Ashland said.

And Browns fans weren't the only ones thrilled with the pick, so to was current Browns defensive lineman, Ahtyba Rubin.

"Yeah, I think it's pretty good.  Trent went to my high school and we are from the same hometown, so I'm looking forward to being one of his teammates," Rubin said.

But the Browns weren't done with the surprises.

"With the 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Brandon Weeden, QB Oklahoma State," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced.

It was a surprise pick that left Browns fans with mixed emotions.

"A stretch, a big stretch.  I'm not liking that at all, and if I'm Colt McCoy, I just died in my bed," Arthur Noble, of Lorain, said.

"I really do think that Brandon is a superb athlete. He has a great arm, and you know what, in the next five or six years he could be a big challenge to Colt McCoy," said Dennis Casey, of Kirtland.

"I think he is a great quarterback but I think taking him at 22 was a little too early. I would have taken him at 37 or move up to the second round," added Reilly Casey.

The Browns have a running back and quarterback, so the big question is: can they get a big name wide receiver next? Only time will tell.

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