Fox 8 Cash Mob Helps Save Elyria Business

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ELYRIA, Ohio -- The Original Garden Basket was overflowing with customers on Tuesday.

The Elyria store was the destination for Fox 8's Cash Mob and viewers showed up in droves to help the struggling business.

Owner Andy Georgas called the days leading up to the event "absolute chaos."

"I've had a ton of volunteers come at me, some didn't ask.  They just jumped in and started helping," Georgas said.

Georgas was prepared for a big day and that's exactly what he got.

"The most overwhelming part of this, honest to goodness, has been the public support from friends, family and even complete strangers. I'm terribly touched by that," Georgas said.

The Sheffield Twp. Fire Department was among the many groups that volunteered to help.

Chief Joe Bandagski said, "He needed help.  So we came down and helped him. Somebody in the community needs help, they call us and we help them."

One visitor paying it forward was Tom Giomini, the owner of Brielle's Coffee and Tea Room.

A Fox 8 Cash Mob helped his Independence business last month.

Giomini said, "I think you could single-handedly save a lot of businesses doing this sort of thing. It is a great idea."