Armored Truck Shooter Caught After Two Months on the Run

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By Julie Cannold, CNN

A fugitive accused of stealing $2 million from an armored truck he was driving and killing his partner was caught early Tuesday in Florida, according to the FBI.

Kenneth Konias Jr., 22, was arrested in Pompano Beach by the FBI, the Broward Sheriff’s Office and a South Florida Violent Crimes Task Force. He had been on the run since the robbery and homicide almost two months ago, according to FBI spokesman John Gillies.

Konias is believed to have shot his partner, Michael Haines, in the head February 28 before stealing cash from the Garda armored vehicle in Pittsburgh.

According to a criminal complaint, a witness heard a gunshot coming from an armored truck carrying deposits about 1 p.m. ET. Surveillance video shows the vehicle in the parking lot where the shot was heard.

The truck was later discovered under a Pittsburgh bridge by the company’s employees and two detectives. Haines was dead inside the vehicle, authorities said.

Last month, Pittsburgh police discovered about $24,000 at Konias’ grandmother’s gravesite and more than $200,000 at his parents’ home.

Konias is accused of criminal homicide, theft of the victim’s gun and robbery of the cash inside the armored vehicle.