Family Reunited With Lost Dog After Six Years

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KTLA News, Courtesy CNN

Pomona, CA (KTLA) — A Pomona family has been reunited with their dog after being apart for six years.

April Allen appeared on the KTLA News Sunday Edition to share how she found her dog “Princess” with the help of technology.

“She got out of a hole in the backyard and we couldn’t find her,” Allen explained. “She got a couple hours head start on us before we realized she was gone.”

“We put fliers and everything out and we never found her,” Allen said.

“Nobody ever called us or said they found her or anything. We thought she was gone forever.”

Six years later, Allen received a call out of the blue saying that Princess had been found.

“A wonderful lady, a Good Samaritan, found her and also we believe one of her puppies running the streets of Riverside.”

The woman had an animal shelter scan the dogs to see if they had microchips.

“Sure enough, Princess had a chip, and all my information came up, and six years later I have my baby back,” Allen said.

Allen said that when she was reunited with Princess, the dog jumped right up into her lap.

“It was like she longed to find me,” Allen recalled. “Now she just follows me everywhere I go.”

The family believes Princess may have been living at another home, because she went missing from Pomona and was found in Riverside, some distance away.

“They may be sad too — whoever may have lost her — but they never tried to find who might have been her rightful owner either,” Allen said.

Allen also said they think the dog found with Princess is her puppy because the pair is so inseparable.

The puppy, named “Bella,” appears to be a mix between a Bichon Frise and a long-haired chihuahua.

The family had both dogs cleaned up, and says they’re now perfectly healthy.

“We’re so happy,” Allen said. “They bring us so much joy.”