Diner Suffers Medical Episode at ‘Heart Attack Grill’

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(Courtesy: KVVU)

LAS VEGAS (KVVU) — A woman was taken to the hospital after an apparent medical episode at the Heart Attack Grill on Saturday.

The restaurant’s owner, John Basso, said the woman had been eating a burger, drinking a margarita and smoking cigarettes when, at one point, she fell the floor.

Employees quickly called 911, and Basso said an ambulance was there within five minutes.

“She was unconscious for a very long time, up to, and including when the ambulance took her away,” Basso explained.  “I wouldn’t specifically say it’s the heart, I wouldn’t say it’s the lungs.  I would say that this woman had given her body every, single thing it would handle, and the body finally gave out.”

Less than twenty four hours later, the Heart Attack Grill was full of diners undisturbed by the event.

“No concern, not at all, because it’s a treat, it’s a yummy treat,” said one customer. “That last heart attack happened, we were here a couple of days before that and it was good.”

“These people understand that we may or may not be living in the final days, and they’re going to enjoy every second of it,” said Basso.

Saturday’s incident was not the first medical problem a Heart Attack Grill customer had.

In February, a diner suffered a heart attack in the middle of eating a “triple bypass burger.”

(Fox NewsEdge)