Browns 2012 Draft Preview

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CLEVELAND — “I know who that four is going to be if we stay there,” Browns General Manager Tom Heckert said on Thursday.

The NFL draft is a giant guessing game.

Representatives from the 32 NFL teams tell the media what they want them to hear and, more importantly, what they want other teams to hear.

“We know we are getting a really good player, not matter what happens at three,” he continued.

I do not anticipate the Browns trading down from their fourth overall pick.

Trent Richardson is the favorite among NFL analysts and draft experts.

The Browns are without former star running back Peyton Hillis.

Additional backs, Montario Hardesty and Chris Ogbonnaya, are unreliable and are good for getting a few yards here and there.

The Browns have been waiting for Hardesty to have a complete, healthy season since he was acquired.

Trent Richardson has gotten great reviews from scouts, had solid workouts, and is an intelligent player.

He would fit well with the Browns.

What makes it difficult to predict is the fact that the Browns have so many holes to fill.

After finishing last in the AFC North and 30th in the league in scoring, offense is a major concern.

They have to fill the wide receiver and offensive tackle positions.

“We are extremely happy and excited for who will be there at number four,” Heckert said.

The Browns could take wide receiver Justin Blackmon at number four, but there are a slew of talented receivers that will be left for the Browns’ 22nd pick.

The Browns could also take defensive back Morris Claiborne.

He is as good as it gets and would be a dangerous combo with Browns defensive back Joe Haden.

“You have to have three legit corners to survive in this league,” Heckert said.

The draft kicks off its first round Thursday night at 8 p.m.

The second and third rounds will resume Friday night at 7 p.m.