Win a Date with George Clooney?

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By CNN Political Unit

(CNN) — For those who have always dreamed of an evening with George Clooney, the president may have the hook up – that is, if you donate to his campaign.

President Barack Obama’s re-election team is offering a chance for two supporters to attend a fundraiser with the president and Clooney at the actor’s pad in Los Angeles.

“You, you heard it right, dinner with President Obama…at George Clooney’s house. Pretty incredible, right?” Julianna Smoot, deputy campaign manager, said in an email to supporters on Thursday.

A longtime Obama supporter, Clooney recently made headlines in the political world after testifying before Congress on the situation in South Sudan. He also made a stop by the White House while in Washington to discuss the ongoing crisis with the president.

The following day, the celebrity was arrested along with his father and others while protesting outside the Sudanese embassy. He was released with a $100 fine a few hours later.

Clooney began offering his star power in 2007 during Obama’s first presidential bid, calling the then-Illinois senator a “rock star.”