What’s Your Weather Question?

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Posted by Meterologist Angelica Campos

The world of weather is complex and often confusing to most. On regular basis we only have about 2.5 to 3 minutes to give our viewers a forecast. The forecasts help you decide what to wear and what to expect.

However, we don’t have the time to explain more in-depth why things are happening. Plus, some people really don’t care about the science behind weather. If you do care, and you want to learn more about the weather. We have something special for you.

 I have started a video series explaining and giving details on different topics. The videos will be posted on Sunday evenings on Fox8.com and reposted on my Facebook  fan-page.

 I want to make sure you are part of the videos. So, keep an eye on our Facebook posts and send in your questions on “Saturdays”. I will make sure you get the answers. Doesn’t matter if the questions come from you or your child. 

 I look forward to answering your questions. Here’s a sample video on Severe Weather.