A Look Back at Dick Clark’s Career

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(CNN) -- By the time he died Wednesday at the age of 82, Dick Clark's career had spanned decades and earned him countless accolades. Here are some of the more interesting numbers in his career.

500,000 -- Sales mark to get a "Gold Record" award from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

$10,000 -- The grand prize on the original incarnation of the Pyramid game show, launched in 1973.

1972 -- Clark's first year as host of the televised New Year's Eve celebrations at Times Square.

98 -- The highest possible score on American Bandstand's "Rate a Record" segment. The lowest was 35.

45 -- The number of revolutions per minute on a vinyl record single.

33 -- Number of corporations Clark was involved with by 1960.

30 -- The number of years "American Bandstand" ran on ABC. The show was on the network from 1957 to 1987 and then ran one more year in syndication.

19 -- How many Golden Globe Awards won by Dick Clark Production.

7 -- A favorite number. Clark was married at 7pm on 7/7/77 and had a P.O. Box 7777 in Burbank.

6 -- The amount of Daytime Emmy Awards Clark won.

5 -- The age when Clark first started working -- he "published" a neighborhood gossip paper for 2 cents each.

3 -- The number of children Clark had, Richard ("RAC"), Duane, and Cindy. It is also the number of times Clark was married. He was divorced twice, and had been married to his current wife, Kari, since 1977.

2 -- The number of movies where he appears as an actor that have the word "young" in the title: "Because They're Young" (1960) and "The Young Doctors" (1961).

1 -- The number of times Clark missed a Times Square New Years Eve broadcast from 1972 to 2011. He missed 2004 while he was recovering from a stroke.

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By Amy Roberts, CNN