Police Officer Helps Deliver Baby on Side of Road

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STREETSBORO, Ohio -- Patricia Osborne couldn't wait for the birth of her baby -- and the baby couldn't wait either.

Osborne went into labor in her home on Friday night, but as a friend rushed her to the hospital, they had to pull over in the parking lot of a car dealership... Osborne's baby was coming.

"It was a very traumatic moment for me because I had never gone through anything like that in my life before," Osborne said. "Her birth is going to be a very big story for a while now."

Emergency dispatchers were able to instruct Osborne's friend on what to do until police officer Joshua Bartholomew arrived.

"I wasn’t expecting the baby to be almost completely out by the time I got there," he said. "There wasn’t much time for thinking. You just kind of jumped out there and reacted."

Bartholomew said this was his first baby delivery and it happened in a matter of minutes.

Everything went well -- until there was a brief scare.

"I heard it start crying, and after it started crying, it stopped crying for a second. I realized the umbilical cord was wrapped around its throat," Bartholomew said. "I unwrapped it real quick, and the baby was fine. It was a huge relief."

Out came 5 pounds and 12 ounces of perfection -- Osborne's third child -- Da'Wanna Lynn.

"I’d like to tell the officer thank you very much for all the help that you guys did, and getting me here as fast as you can and pulling the umbilical cord from my daughter’s neck," she said. "God wanted her to come, so God made her come."

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