Brides, Others, Turn to Feeding Tube for Weight Loss

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Courtesy: Wiki Commons

An extreme weight loss trend that is considered highly desirable to some brides requires a pre-wedding accessory:  a feeding tube inserted through the nose and into the stomach.

It’s called the K-E Diet and it promises a “new you” by helping a patient lose an average of twenty pounds in just ten days.

According to a Florida clinic that offers the non-invasive method, the dieter prepares a powdered food supplement that consists of protein and fat to be pumped through the tube for ten days.

ABC News spoke with Dr. Oliver Di Pietro of Bay Harbor Islands, Fla. and learned that the supplement has no carbs and provides the body with 800 calories per day.

Read more from ABC News here.

According to a brochure advertising the method, patients may not eat and may only drink water, unsweetened tea and black coffee, but should not be hungry.

A patient must also monitor his or her urine using dipsticks.

Dr. Di Pietro told ABC News that K-E Diet side effects include bad breath and possible constipation because there is no fiber in the supplement.

People with kidney problems should chose other weight loss methods.

Critics are skeptical of the diet because rapid weight loss may not be healthy and the results may be temporary.

The process costs $1,499, or $149.90 per day.

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