Actor Alec Baldwin Talks About Getting Kicked Off Plane

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By Sally Holland, CNN

(CNN) — Actor Alec Baldwin told a luncheon crowd at the National Press Club in Washington on Monday what it was like getting kicked off a plane for using his cell phone.

“A very young Asian-American woman, who was a very breathtakingly beautiful woman and very serene, she said, ‘Mr. Baldwin, would you gather your things and come with me, please.’ And it just kind of had this narcotic effect on me. It was like … she just spoke very quietly and very calmly. And they threw me off the plane,” he said.

He said it felt like a scene from a Michael Mann movie “where you would expect really smart writing and great acting.”

Baldwin was kicked off the American Airlines flight in December when he was accused of refusing to turn off his cell phone after the plane’s doors were closed.

Baldwin was in Washington Monday to promote federal funding for the arts. In his remarks he pointed out that spending for the arts stimulates economic spending.

The “30 Rock” actor is currently under contract to promote Capital One Bank.

“Becoming a spokesperson for a bank at the time of the banking collapse and at the genesis of the Occupy Wall Street movement was not a goal of mine in my career,” he told the crowd.

He says all of his proceeds from that deal flow through his foundation and go to arts funding.

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