Steer Escapes Slaughterhouse, Earns New Life

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PATERSON, New Jersey -- He was destined to end up on someone's dinner table, but when one steer caught wind of what was coming -- he bolted. And his dramatic race for freedom has earned him a chance at a long life.

On the way to a slaughterhouse, the 800-pound Bovine took off and turned downtown Paterson, New Jersey, into the Wild West.

"The cow was unbelievable. He weighed about 800 pounds. It was running back and forth up and down River Street. He crossed Presidential Boulevard and stopped at the new basketball courts they have there -- I guess he wanted to shoot a couple hoops," said Chief John De Cando with Paterson Animal Control.

At one point, as police were closing in, the steer tried to make a break for it and ended up denting a police car.

"There were five police cars to the right, five police cars to the left, and right in the middle was this 800-pound cow. He looked both ways and all of a sudden booked," said De Cando.

Finally, cornering him against a fire hydrant, animal control officers were able to tranquilize him.

The slaughterhouse brought a truck to take him back, but the owner decided to reward the wayward animal for his bravery and spare him.

The steer was taken to a farm in upstate New York.

"He's going to go to the sanctuary and end up either living his life out there or another sanctuary might end up taking him. But he won't end up on anyone's plate, ever," said Mike Stura with Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.

Source: CNN/Douglas Clark, NEWS 12 NJ