More Playoff Divisions for Ohio High School Football

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There will be a new landscape for football in the Buckeye State, starting in 2013. On Thursday afternoon, the OHSAA approved a change to add a 7th division for the gridiron sport.

The plan will place the top 10 percent of schools based on enrollment in Division I, with the remaining 644 schools divided evenly among the next six divisions. This will leave 72 schools in Division I with the other six divisions averaging approximately 108 schools.

Each of the seven divisions will continue to qualify 32 teams to the tournament. Currently, the six OHSAA football divisions are comprised of an average of 120 schools per division.

The plan for adopting an additional division was in response to a concern by some OHSAA member schools about the enrollment disparity that exists in Division I, where the current range is 494 males at the lower end of the division to 1,164 at the top.

In Northeast Ohio Mentor is a very high enrollment school in Division I. Willoughby South was near the bottom in enrollment for that Division.

“Adding a seventh division not only helps address the enrollment disparity in Division I, but it also will create 32 more tournament opportunities for student-athletes, their schools and their communities, many of which have never or rarely experienced the playoffs,” commissioner Daniel Ross said.