Dining with Steve: Marcelita’s Mexican Food and Drink

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Marcela Arregui de McNeill was born and raised in Mexico City. In 1978 she opened Marcelita’s Restaurant. Marcela shares her culinary heritage here in a casual, friendly setting. The essence of Mexican cooking is the skilled use of a wide variety of chile peppers in the sauces. These chiles…some fresh, some dried, some subtle, some bold…impart unique flavors to the dishes. In contrast to Tex-Mex cooking, Marcelita’s focuses on flavors rather than hotness.

Made from natural lime juice, the award-winning margaritas are available on the rocks or frozen in numerous different flavors. The cantina also features a long list of sipping tequilas, Mexican cervezas, specialty drinks and flavored martinis.

Offering lite bites to grande platters plus various choices for kids, has made Marcelita’s a popular spot for families and groups, as well as for Mexican food aficionados.

In 2008, Kevin (who had been a customer at Marcelita’s for years) and his wife Beth became the new owners of the restaurant. They are hands-on operators and maintain only this single site so as to maintain consistency in preparation and service. Marcelita continues to oversee quality control in the kitchen and to develop new menu items. Kevin and Beth look forward to continuing the Marcelita’s tradition and extend a warm welcome to all of our customers.

Buen Provecho.