Security Plan for Horseshoe Casino Revealed

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Soon, thousands of gamblers are expecting to cash in at the Horseshoe Casino. The security plan to keep you safe will cost the city $2.2 million.

Wednesday afternoon, Cleveland Police Chief Mike McGrath met with the City Council Safety Committee to detail security measures.

"We're pretty confident we're going to provide a safe downtown neighborhood for people to come down and visit," said Chief McGrath.

City workers are worried about increased crime and danger.

"It's gonna be there, it comes with the territory," said Willie Brown.

Debra Baker said, "With people being unemployed, they'll see that as an opportunity to take something from somebody."

Besides 1,000 surveillance cameras inside the casino, Chief McGrath says up to eight agents from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation will be employed to handle all crimes against the casino. Approximately 120 casino security officers/ambassadors will monitor the floor and off-duty police officers and sheriffs deputies will be prepared to make an arrest. All internal security forces will be paid for by the casino.

Outside the casino, the city will employ 20 Cleveland police officers who have been laid off and seven traffic controllers to patrol downtown city streets.

"We're assuming and hoping the casino is going to be very successful," said Councilman Mike Polensek.

The money used to pay for the 2012 safety plan will come from the city's general fund. A spokeswoman from the Mayor's Office say much of the cost will be offset by an increase in tourism revenue.