Police: Girl, 10, Sexually Assaulted on School Bus

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland police are investigating a sexual assault on a Cleveland city school bus last Tuesday, March 27.

Officials say a 10-year-old girl reported that a 13-year-old boy "stuck his hand under her clothing" and then "groped" her genitals.

Both students attend Miles Park Elementary School located at 4090 East 93rd Street, on the Cleveland’s east side.

Parents were stunned to learn of the assault. They say the school is generally pretty good.

One mom said they even just won a basketball tournament.

"This is shocking," said Tabitha Gilbert, "It's a shock. Miles Park Elementary is a good school; they just won a championship game."

Parents were also disturbed to learn that the assault occurred while the bus was "en route" to school.

One father says that’s why he drives his children to school each day.

Craig Lyons said, "We're definitely thinking of getting out of the Cleveland district next year."

A spokesperson for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District said they are taking the matter very seriously, and conducting a full investigation into the incident, but can't comment further at this time.

Parents hope something is done quickly so that no other students have to worry about being harmed on the school bus.

They also said Wednesday that their hearts go out to the young victim and her family.

"I feel sorry for them. My deepest sympathy goes out to them," said Lyons.

Tabitha Gilberts added, "It’s a hard situation. I know how she feels. I know she's scared. My prayers go out to her. I hope the best for her."

The Cleveland Sex Crimes Unit is handling the investigation but there is no word on any possible charges at this time.