Irving Wants Back on the Court as Cavs’ Losing Skid Lengthens

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Kyrie Irving sat back in Cleveland on Wednesday night, keeping an eye on his teammates as they faced the Milwaukee Bucks up in Wisconsin.

Irving was given tough news earlier in the day, as Fox 8 broke the story on Twitter and on He had additional “contact” on his already contused/sprained shoulder the night before against the Spurs. An MRI revealed the aggravated joint. That’s a tough situation. Especially on a right shoulder needed to launch shots or fire crisp passes.

Irving is being told to give the shoulder some rest, and along with therapy, it’s hopeful he can return in seven to 10 days. His condition will be updated as appropriate. Sources tell Fox 8 sports that Irving might need more than 10 days.

On Wednesday night, the overmatched Wine and Gold had a rough night against the Bucks up in Wisconsin. As hard as the Wine and Gold played, they could not break past a six-point deficit late in the game.

Anthony Parker led the Cavs with 27, but the Bucks prevailed 107-98 as Monta Ellis led the way with 30 points. Parker hit a jumped with 1:37 left to bring the Cavs within six, but the Bucks closed out the game and the Cavs had their ninth loss in a row.

Prior to the injury, Irving was making a strong case for NBA rookie of the year. Word from the Irving “camp” says Irving doesn’t like the reports, speculating he could be out for the rest of the year. Irving wants to win first and foremost, but would also like to be on the court to make a definitive statement about Rookie of the Year. He wants to win the award “for Cleveland.”

But Rookie of the Year, many can argue has already been sewn up by the Number #1 pick in the draft. He has won three Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month awards. His reputation for calmly winning games is growing by the game.

Folks are thinking of ping-pong balls when they say Irving should be shut down for the rest of the season. They don’t realize the desire to finish the year as strong as possible.

The Cavs are off until Friday night in Toronto.