Consumers Reports Ranks Best and Worst Grocery Stores

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Consumer Reports has released rankings of the best and worst supermarkets across the country, and the biggest gripes consumers have when grocery shopping.

More than 24,000 magazine subscribers weighed in, rating Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Publix and Fareway as their favorites among the 52 major grocery stores.

The magazine reported customers were frustrated by Walmart Supercenter, Pathmark, and Pick ‘n Save.

The biggest gripe overall: not enough open checkouts, followed by congested or cluttered aisles and advertised specials that were out of stock.

The report also detailed store traps that cause you to spend more, such as sneaky sale signs that read five for five dollars, implying you need to purchase the entire amount to get the discount, or bump out displays that curve out and catch the eye.

The report also said you can save money by going against the grain, and shopping clockwise, instead of the typical counterclockwise store arrangement.