April 4, 2012

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 Bison Burgers

 David spoke with American Reunion’s Jason Biggs and made one of his favorite recipes, Bison Burgers. He also whipped up a healthy side dish made with corn and black beans.

 Click here for the Recipe!

 Roholt Vision Institute

 We went into the operating room and watched David’s Lasik surgery.


 Spring Cleaning Cash

 Kristi learned how to make some money while cleaning your house this spring.



 We went behind the scenes of the new documentary Superthief. It’s about the biggest heist in US history!



 Debra Booher gave us some helpful information about a the tough subject of bankruptcy.


Easter Candy

Tom Scheiman from B.A. Sweetie gave us the lowdown on what we can expect the Easter Bunny to bring us this year!