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Viral Video: Blind Dog Rescued from Trash Pile

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(YouTube video still)

She was found living among a trash heap on the streets of Los Angeles, but the dog named “Fiona” embraced her rescuers to flourish in a new life.

That’s what the YouTube video posted by a group called “Hope For Paws” is all about. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster starting with the discovery of a flea-infested, blind dog in a pile of garbage. More than 500,000 people have watched the clip, which has left the worldwide web in tears.

At first, rescuers couldn’t find the abandoned pooch, but as soon as they did, some of them struggled to keep their composure. Then the sickly dog inched towards them, seemingly unaware of how much her life was about to change.

And change, it did.

After a much-needed bath, Fiona was treated for flea infestation that her rescuers said was the “worst they had seen.”

A few days later, a veterinarian confirmed that Fiona was 100 percent blind … but her luck hadn’t run out. Incredibly, the vet was able to restore her vision in one eye, giving her the chance to literally see the world in a different way.

Fiona found her happy ending a few weeks later, when she was adopted into a loving home.