Police Say Man Had Staggering BAC of .552

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Photo Courtesy: Porter County Sheriff's Dept.

Authorities in Northwest Indiana say a man found unconscious on the side of a roadway is lucky to be alive after registering a blood alcohol level nearly seven times the legal limit at the time of his arrest.

James Henderson, 28, of Valparaiso, Indiana was discovered laying alongside a roadway around 3:15 p.m. Saturday afternoon, according to an arrest reported obtained by Fox 8.

He was noticed by a driver who passed the area twice and neither time saw Henderson moving.

Went authorities arrived at the scene they were able to wake Henderson, but his speech was incoherent, according to Sgt. Larry LaFlower with the Porter County Sheriff’s Department.

“We have never encountered someone this drunk,” said LaFlower. “He was taken to a hospital after being discovered to be treated for alcohol poisoning.”

At the hospital, according to the report, Henderson’s blood was drawn. The blood-alcohol content level was found to be 0.552 percent.

According to LaFlower an arrest warrant on a public intoxication charge has been issued for Henderson once he is released from the hospital.