Woman Adopts Litter of 6-Toed Kittens

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A New Mexico woman is the proud new human to a pair of extra special kittens.

Instead of the normal five toes on each paw -- her pets have six!

Lorrey Romero adopted the kittens from her neighbor. "I fell in love with them, I had to take them home," she told KOAT-TV.

But she couldn't believe her eyes when her neighbor called her to take a look at the "mitten" cats--a name derived from Ernest Hemingway, who loved cats. His first feline pet had extra toes, which comes from a genetic trait from a parent with extra toes.

Three kitties from the litter Romero took in wound up with six toes. She isn't the slightest bit bothered by their distinctive feature.

"It's neat. They look normal; they don't look deformed or anything," Romero said.

-- Source: KOAT/CNN

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