Sandusky Officer Resigns Amid Investigation

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SANDUSKY, Ohio --  A Sandusky police officer has resigned from the force, in the midst of an investigation into his behavior while off-duty on St. Patrick’s Day.

The scandal unfolded nearly one year to the day that Officer Jody Showalter spoke to Fox 8 News, about his close friend and co-worker, Patrolman Andrew Dunn, who had been shot and killed on March 19, 2011, in a shootout with a suspect he had stopped for questioning.

Showalter would later tell fellow officers that he knew the murder would affect his life, but had no idea how profound the impact would be.

Investigators said that on St. Patrick's Day of this year, during a celebration at the Fraternal Order of Police hall in downtown Sandusky, Showalter allegedly got into a scuffle with fellow Sandusky police officer Matthew Dunn, who is Andrew Dunn's father.

Later, Showalter went out into the street, and called 9-1-1 to report that he had been confronted by two men, one of whom was armed with a gun.

According to the call, the off-duty officer said, "It's Showalter. Two black males, walking southbound, crossing Adams from Columbus. The one with the red cap, white shirt, black pants, has a gun.”

But when on-duty officers tracked down two men matching the description given by Showalter, they were not armed. Jody Showalter was then suspended, as Sandusky city officials launched an investigation into his behavior on St. Patrick's Day, which at least one fellow officer claimed was the result of Showalter being under the influence. The officer is heard on the tape saying, "You’re (expletive deleted) up Jody.” Showalter then responds, “No, I'm not ... I'm clean.”

On Tuesday, almost one year to the day that his best friend on the force was killed, Jody Showalter submitted his letter of resignation; his career cut short by one bad night.

*The Sandusky Register provided pictures and audio for Jack Shea's story.

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