Katy Perry and Rihanna to Collaborate?

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(Photo credit: CNN)

By Tomika Anderson, Special to CNN

It looks like Katy Perry has a bit of a musical crush.

The “Last Friday Night” singer told MTV she’s eying a duet with Rihanna.

“I’ve always wanted to [collaborate with her] and she’s always wanted to and that’s very genuine,” Perry said during “MTV First: Katy Perry,” which aired on the network on Wednesday. “We’re not just shooting the sh–. We’re not, like, just kind of beating around the bush. But really we want to.”

But the pressure just might be too much, Perry said.

“It’s just that I think it’s gotten to such a head that if we do something that’s not the greatest, it’s going to be so anticlimactic,” she added. “So we’ve already thought about it.”

The military-themed video for Perry’s “Part of Me” also premiered on Wednesday.

When asked how she got into such great shape for the video, she said, “I got on a meal plan. I’m still on that meal plan, although I cheat a little bit — I have to live!”