CWRU Students on Alert After Armed Robbery

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By Autumn Ziemba, Fox 8 News Reporter


Case Western Reserve University students are on edge after a student was held at gunpoint near the campus Thursday night.

According to campus police, the junior arts and sciences student was approached by a man on a bike on Wade Park Avenue, near East 115th Street.

The man asked for a dollar, and the student said he didn't have one.

"The bike rider rode away, turned around, came back and pulled out a revolver, and asked him to give him all of his property," explains CWRU Police Chief Arthur Hardee.

Chief Hardee tells Fox 8 the student is understandably shaken, as are many others.  Each student was alerted of the robbery through an emergency email overnight.

"It's happened before," Hardee says. "We have had some worried students, and we normally do, and we get calls sometimes from concerned parents."

"Hearing that that was right where we live, was kind of nerve-racking," says freshman student Nitya Sivakumar, who lives just feet from where the robbery took place. "If I go to the library or an SI session, I'm usually by myself, but I guess that's going to have to change. I'll have to go with people."

Campus police had already stepped up patrols in light of the recent warmer weather. Now the chief is urging students to take advantage of the school’s free shuttle service, especially during evening hours, as an alternative to walking alone.

Chief Hardee says CWRU has had one on-campus robbery this year, but the school had between four to five last year.

Police are still looking for the suspect.