Ray J: There is no Whitney Houston Sex Tape

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By Tomika Anderson contributed to this report

(CNN) — Ray J is refuting Star Magazine’s report that he has sexually explicit videos and photos featuring the late Whitney Houston.

“The despicable tabloid report released [Wednesday] claiming the existence of a sex tape between Ray J and Whitney Houston is not true,” Ray J’s rep told CNN. “This story, along with so many others, have been released to sell magazines. There is no sex tape or explicit photos.”

Ray J recently spoke with CNN about his late friend, saying he’s still in mourning.

“I really miss my friend,” he said. “You know, I really do. I’m still hurting. It’s just such a tough time for me. I’ve been through a lot in these past two weeks. I’m able to look at life in a whole different way. I always look at my phone because I’ve got a picture of somebody that I really love and it helps me through the day.”

The recent attention brought on by sex tape rumors is not new for Ray J whose sex tape with Kim Kardashian was released by Vivid Entertainment in 2007 and garnered a lot of attention.