Elyria Catholic Basketball Coach Arrested Following Drunken Incident

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Authorities in Elyria say that the head coach of Elyria Catholic’s Boys Basketball team was taken into custody over the weekend after kicking down the front door of a home on Henry Street while highly intoxicated.

An arrest report obtained by Fox 8 News details the events that led up to the arrest of Phil Kuchta, 37, on March 17, 2012.

According to the report, officers received a call around 3:18 a.m. from an alarm company reporting a possible burglary.

When they arrived at the home officers were met in the driveway by a woman, her boyfriend and Kuchta.

The woman told police that her 87-year-old mother lived in the home and when she and her boyfriend arrived at the property she saw Kuchta kicking at the door.

The woman told police that it appeared Kuchta was attempting to get into the residence and was highly intoxicated.

Officers then questioned Kuchta, who according to the report, had very glassy eyes and was almost unable to speak do to his intoxicated state.

Kuchta told police that he thought he was at a friend’s home, but he did not know the address of that home.

According to the report, Kuchta’s speech was almost unrecognizable.

He was arrested for disorderly conduct intoxication and taken to the Elyria Police Department.

Police say once at the station, Kuchta began to get argumentative with officers and began to aggressively turn on an officer when he attempted to uncuff Kuchta.

Kuchta was then taken to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked on the disorderly conduct charge as well as a charge of criminal damage.

Elyria Catholic’s Athletic Director, Michael Wisnor tells Fox 8 News that Kuchta has been placed on paid administrative leave while his criminal proceedings are ongoing.

Kuchta has been the head boy’s basketball coach for two years, according to Wisnor. Kuchta is also a health and physical education teacher at the school.

According to Wisnor, Kuchta alerted Elyria Catholic Principal Amy Butler of the arrest on Monday morning.

Wisnor says that Kuchta expressed remorse and embarrassment when speaking to Buter regarding the arrest.