Dozens Charged Following Wild House Party in Solon

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SOLON, Ohio -- Dozens of people, mostly teenagers, were charged after an underage drinking party got out of control.

Thirty-one people were charged with crimes ranging from underage consumption, obstructing official business, drug abuse and resisting arrest. Ten more juveniles were referred to the Solon Juvenile Officer for consideration of possible charges.

"I wasn't here. I was out of town for a wedding," said Rhonda Wien, owner of the home where the party was held.

While Wien was gone last Saturday night, a neighbor called Solon police around 11:30 p.m., to complain about a loud party at her home on SOM Center Road.

"They saw what appeared to be juveniles from the area of the house into the woods, from the front of the house running to the back of the house. There essentially were kids everywhere," said Lt. Bruce Felton.

Solon police say Rhonda's 18-year-old son, Spencer Wien, hosted the party.

"I think he was having a group of friends over here for just music and a party with his friends, and it was the first day of spring break for a lot of college kids. I have older boys, and I think a lot more kids showed up than he ever planned on," Wien said.

"Ultimately, there was a mixture of adults and juveniles, all under the age of 21, and some hid in the house, some wouldn't come out of hiding places in the house until the officers had to actively go in and search for them and pull them out of hiding spots," said Lt. Felton.

Investigators say the house was littered with beer cans and evidence of drug use. Police charged Spencer with furnishing alcohol to minors and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Donald Williams, 20, was charged with resisting arrest for allegedly fighting with officers and drug abuse.

"I know people that were there. I mean, everyone's a little upset that it got busted because I mean, nothing really was that out of hand, supposedly," said Solon High School student Paul Suchy.

Students say the party is the talk around Solon High School.

"I think it's not like the smartest idea, and I definitely wouldn't be a part of that," said student Emily Kidwell.

Police say there has been some talk on social media sites that the teens were imitating a popular movie called "Project X" about teenagers throwing a wild party.

Spencer Wien's mother says that's not true.

"There really was no damage to my house," said Wein. When asked if her son was trying to imitate the movie, she responded, "Not at all."