Deputy Wears Camera During Wayne County Meth Lab Bust

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PLAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Cameras were rolling as drug agents and deputies with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office moved in from all sides on a Plain Township home suspected of being a meth lab.

The camera, worn by one of the deputies, captures in real-time the firsthand actions of the officers as they move in, taking 11 people into custody and confiscating chemicals and equipment that could be used in the manufacture of meth.

Agent Donald Hall of the Medway Drug Enforcement Agency tells Fox 8 News the officers confiscated a large quantity of psudoephedrine as well as highly flammable solvents including lithium and ammonium nitrate.

Hall says they also found a large quantity of plastic tubing and multiple glass jars with clear liquid in them, suspected of being the methamphetamine still in an unfinished solution.

Hall described the find as a "rather large operation" that from his experience had been operating for a while.

The South Firestone Road home sits just behind the residence of Lonnie Lawson, where he lives with his family.

"There's just traffic in and out, in and out," said Lawson on Thursday, adding, "I said, 'We'll just stay out of it, and somebody will catch up with them whatever they are doing."

Deputies and firefighters returned to the home on Thursday, where Fire Chief Ken Becker says a man was burning insulation, and other materials from the house and trash.

"Two things went through my mind," said Becker, who went to the scene personally on Thursday. "The first was, 'What could be burning?,' or retribution towards the fire department because of the raid."

Investigators say a fire was burning outside when they raided the home on Tuesday, and there was evidence that leftovers from the suspected lab were being burned outside.

Ronald C. Britton, a resident of the home in question, was arrested and charged with illegal manufacturing of drugs. Hall says Britton has a previous federal conviction related to methamphetamine manufacturing.

Hall says it was the eighth suspected meth lab his agency has raided in just the past five weeks, and they get intelligence daily about other similar operations.

"It's a quiet neighborhood," said Lawson. "Everybody sticks to their own self, you know, taking care of their own. It's kind of scary that you find something like that so close to your home."