Bay Village Police Bust Major Marijuana Growing Operation

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(Photo credit: CNN)

A large marijuana growing operation has been uncovered by Bay Village Police.

Detective Lieutenant Mark Spaetzel tells Fox 8 News that a search warrant was executed at a home on Osborn Road on February 28, 2012.

Once inside police and members of the Westshore Enforcement Bureau Narcotics Task Force discovered 135 marijuana plants.

According to Spaetzel, the plants were each around six-feet tall with a street value of approximately $1000 per plant.

Spaetzel says that the suspect arrested in connection with the growing operation has yet to be formally charged as authorities investigation is ongoing.

Police do not yet know how much marijuana was cultivated from the raid as the plants are still undergoing lab testing at the Bureau of Criminal investigation and Identification (BCI) in Richfield, Ohio .