OVI School Bus Driver is Arrested Again

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KILLBUCK, Ohio --  A former school bus driver, who made headlines last year when he was arrested for being intoxicated while taking students home from school, once again finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

When authorities in Holmes County responded to a report of an accident outside the village of Killbuck on Tuesday, they found a Chevy Blazer buried in a ditch. The airbag had been deployed, but there was no sign of the driver.

Investigators traced the vehicle back to 53-year-old Kenyon Conner, of Killbuck. A breathalyzer test would later reveal Conner's blood-alcohol content was .331, more than four times the legal limit.

Killbuck resident Margaret Hurayt told Fox 8, "How many people did he almost hit head-on last night? He has other lives in his hands."

The Holmes County Sheriff's Department says according to witnesses, Conner's vehicle left the road several times, and among other things, hit a telephone pole.

Conner was arrested in November for driving a school bus while intoxicated. Children reported that Conner, a substitute bus driver for the West Holmes School District, was driving all over the road. His blood-alcohol content that day was .296, more than three times the legal limit. His attorney would later claim Conner had been taking cough syrup for a cold. But Margaret Hurayt responded, "Cough syrup? That's not cough syrup, what he was under is not cough syrup."

Conner pleaded no contest to an OVI charge in February, and in exchange, prosecutors dropped a child endangering charge. His license was suspended for three years, and he was sentenced to 30 days in jail, a term he had just completed on Saturday.

"Thirty days in jail, plus some of that taken away from him, is not going to do anything. Driver's license suspension for three years is not going to do anything. He needs help. He needs rehab," said Hurayt.

Conner is now facing new charges of OVI , driving under suspension, probation violation and failure to report an accident. Concerned families are hoping he doesn't try and use the cough syrup defense. "How much cough syrup did he have to take to get that drunk?," said Hurayt. "It's ridiculous."

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