Gas Saving Tips: How to Relieve Pain at the Pump

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ELYRIA, Ohio -- For a nation on the move, it seems gas is again turning into liquid gold with prices hovering near the four-dollar mark.

Jim Christian, owner of A-A Auto Doctor in Elyria, shared the simple secrets of good gas mileage with us.

"Lower tire pressure creates more friction. The more friction, it creates drag, so keeping your tire pressure where it should be, your car's going to handle it properly, and you're just going to get the better mileage out of it," Christian said.

But watch out, don't over-inflate your tires.

"Dangerous, could wear out your tires, cause a blow-out," Christian said.

Experts urge people to get the oil changed every three to five thousand miles.

"You're not getting the viscosity out of the oil. Definitely going to take your mileage down," Christian said.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends people watch their driving habits.

See tips below:

  • Don't speed
  • Use cruise control on highways.
  • Get the junk out of your trunk - the lighter your car is the better
  • Don't warm it up - newer cars don't need it

One of the best ways to save money on gas is to buy cheaper gas to start out with.

Yes, there is an App for that; will show you the prices of gas at stations in your area.

Also, visit the FOX 8 Gas Tracker for the cheapest prices in your neighborhood!

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