Odd Couple: Gorilla and Rabbit are Best Friends

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(CNN) ERIE, Pa. -- An unusual pairing at a Pennsylvania zoo is getting a lot of attention. A gorilla and rabbit have become best buddies.

Believe it or not, they live together in the same habitat at the Erie Zoo. The 47-year-old gorilla is named Samantha. She needed a companion, so zoo keepers introduced her to the rabbit, named Panda.

Samantha also has a stuffed animal that she protects. "She shares her food with him, so she will sit there and bring food down and set it next to her so he can eat, and she's very protective of her baby, her stuffed animal. She does treat that like a baby, so he's not really allowed to get too close to that, usually she'll move it away," said Kim Gasper, with the Erie Zoo.

The zoo says Samantha and Panda are a big hit with visitors.

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