Mother Outraged After Vicious Girl Fight Posted Online

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LORAIN, Ohio---A vicious girl fight is sparking outrage. Now, a local mother is speaking out after witnessing the video of a nasty street brawl that was posted online.

Tuesday afternoon, 16-year-old Taijhana Noble got off the school bus on the corner of West 20th and Long Avenue in Lorain. While her aunt waited there to pick her up, a large crowd gathered in the middle of the street. Seconds later, Noble and another girl exchange blows as several people are standing by recording the brawl with their cell phones.

“While they were fighting, this grown woman was out there recording as they fighting instead of breaking it up,” said Noble’s mother Lekicia Hughes.

Noble said she tried defending herself. After lots of punching and hair-pulling, the fight simmers down.

“When my daughter was fighting, the guy elbowed her in the chest,” said Hughes. “The little girl bit my daughter in the side of her breast.”

A few seconds later, several young girls turn their attention to Noble’s aunt. Cell phone video shows the girls slamming the aunt into a car and then punching and kicking her after she hits the ground.

“My sister got a scar under my eye and got some bruised ribs,” said Hughes.

Lorain Police say the prosecutor’s office is reviewing the case. Until a decision is made, Noble is hoping charges will be filed. “I care about my child. I’m going to defend her to the fullest. That’s all I got,” said Hughes.