Khloe Kardashian to Tackle Gotcha Camera on Show ‘Cheaters’

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By Dawn Tongish, Reporting, KDAF, Courtesy CNN

For years, fans have watched the cameras roll as the popular True TV show, Cheaters has caught lovers engaged in infidelity in the act. But, never before have producers of the program invited a celebrity to ride along, until now.

After an appearance on Khloe Kardashian’s radio show Mix Up, host Joey Greco extended an invitation to Kardashian to be part of the Cheaters team.

“She was really into it, so we invited her to come along,” Greco, said.

Greco says that Kardashian was talking about how much she liked the show and asked for a cameo appearance and even offered to be part of the crew.

Kardashian, who is married to Dallas Mavericks basketball player, Lamar Odom told her radio audidence that she wouldn’t mind running the boom microphone.

“I was thinking that Khloe could come watch in person and see it go down and then she offered to work and I thought that we could work that out too,” Greco said.

Show producers have spy ware in mind that they have dubbed the “Khloe Kam” for her to wear to capture every moment. The camera is a blue tooth ear piece that includes an HD camera. It wouldn’t just capture video for Cheaters, but also for Kardashian’s own reality TV show that airs on the E Network.

“There will be so many crews around and we want to make it easy for her, so we will let her use this small camera,” Cheaters spy gear expert, Allen Walton, said.

Fans of the show, now in its 13th year know that Greco often engages those caught. Some members of crew believe that Kardashian might offer some of the same intervention.

“I think that she will drop the boom microphone and start asking questions,” Cheaters detective, Daniel Gomez, said.

Details of when and where Kardashian will actually become part of the crew are still being worked out, but Greco is convinced that it will attract a lot of attention to have a popular celebrity running one of the gotcha cameras.

“There may be a traffic jam just because people know it is Khloe,” Greco said.