2 Teens Rescued from Lake Erie

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AVON LAKE, Ohio — The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two teens from Lake Erie Wednesday afternoon when they fell off of their personal watercraft and could not restart it.

The USCG said the man and woman — both 18 — were able to climb back onto their watercraft after falling about 150 yards from the pier at Miller Road Park. However, they were unable to restart it and became stranded.

Someone on shore saw the duo struggling and called for help at around 4:45 p.m.

A short time later, a 25-foot Coast Guard Response Boat picked them up and took them into the heated cabin. The teens, who were wearing life jackets, both showed signs of hypothermia. Once they got back to the beach, they were checked out by emergency workers and then released.

The Coast Guard issued a warning Wednesday evening after the rescue:

“Although the air temperature was unseasonably warm at 71 degrees, the lake water is still only 40 degrees – cold enough to cause hypothermia in a relatively short period of time. The Coast Guard urges those who recreate on or near the water to dress for the water temperature instead of the air temperature,” a news release from the USCG stated.