Police Fatally Shoot Man on Cleveland’s East Side

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CLEVELAND -- A man is dead after being shot by police Tuesday night on Cleveland's east side, Fox 8's Stacey Frey reports.

Authorities are still trying to piece all of the details together. What they do know is that two undercover officers from the Cleveland Division of Police's 4th District were heading out on patrol when they saw something suspicious.

Two men were running from a store at East 93rd Street and Raymond Avenue. The officers were not sure why or where they were running.

As the detectives watched, one of the men crouched down, pulled out a gun and fired at a third person. The officers, already out of their vehicle, identified themselves as police and instructed the gunman to drop his weapon.

Instead of doing what he was told, the man shot at the officers, who then returned fire.

"They saw the two males running down the street from a store, thought something was suspicious about it and, as they watched the males, they see a male crouch down and start firing down the street," Sgt. Sammy Morris said.

The man wounded by police died after being transported from the scene to MetroHealth Medical Center.

The officers will be on placed on leave while an investigation is conducted.

The man who was with the killed gunman is in custody. Authorities do not, however, know who they were chasing. They continue to look for that person.