Angry Fan Cuts up Browns Flag with Machete

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Many Browns fans are upset with the team’s inability to make a deal, to move up in the NFL and take Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Robert Griffin III, of Baylor.

Instead, the Washington Redskins beat the Browns to the punch, by trading three number one draft picks and a number two pick, to the St. Louis Rams, for the rights to draft Griffin, known as “RG3”.

One angry fan posted a video on the internet, in which he cut up a Browns flag with a machete. "This flag used to be proud of here in Northeast Ohio, now look at it. I'm done! I'm done with the Cleveland Browns!" he said.

On the streets of downtown Cleveland on Saturday night, many fans echoed that sentiment.  Albert Abru told Fox 8, "Because it would have been a lot better for our team, we look forward to a player like him, so we could progress, take our team to the next level."

For some Browns backers, the inability to secure the services of RG3 is an indictment of the team's front office. "I just think the Browns have poor management, and it's just a continual pattern we see year after year. Every three years we get a new coach; I just think it's time that we fix the management before we fix the team," said Anthony Zavodnik.  "I mean, there are people that makes things happen, and people who sit back and wait and watch things happen, and that's what the Browns have continually done."

But some fans say there are other good players available in the draft, and it would have been foolish for the team to put all of its eggs in the RG3 basket. "Just because three first round draft picks is a lot to ask from any team and from a re-building team like the Browns, that's a lot more to ask," said Zac Piersol.

And longtime fans with a sense of history, say the Browns will never win, unless they stick with a plan and trust the personnel they already have, like quarterback Colt McCoy. "I think the quarterback they have isn't that bad, they just need to get some players around him," said Vic Davis. “I think that's the big difference there, because we're going to keep on getting quarterbacks, but we're not getting players to go with them, so why keep changing quarterbacks?"

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