Giant Rock Makes Slow Roll

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By Jeanne Moos

(CNN) — A giant rock is making a slow roll to a Los Angeles museum.

At 340 tons it dwarfs mere man.

They’re calling it the biggest mega move since the pyramids.

The rock came from a quarry in Riverside, California where its unluckier relatives are turned into gravel, but not this bruiser.

It’s destined to become part of an artwork at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, but first it has to get there.

It only moves at night when roads can be closed and traffic signals temporarily removed.

Fans come out to shoot video of it even at two in the morning.

They want to know 196 wheels are helping to carry the load.

Usually there’s one truck pulling from the front, two pushing from the back.

The speed ranges fromĀ  5 to 8 miles per hour.

The whole trip of 105 miles is supposed to take 11 days.