Man, 75, Arrested for Running Pornographic Arcade

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Marika Lorraine, Reporting, KFOR-TV 

An Oklahoma City man is behind bars after running an illegal adult arcade. Neighbors say men would come and go from the home at 4011 NW 23rd Street, some staying all day.

Tana LeMisio lives across the street and says, “We’ve been here for about four years and we always wondered what was going on over there.”

When police and the fire marshal inspected the building, they found out why.

OKC Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow says, “When our undercover officer went in there, they were actually able to purchase, for $10, an unlimited amount of time watching pornographic movies.”

Officers arrested the owner, 75-year-old JD Sackett.

Sgt. Wardlow says, “The actual charge in this case, which is running an illegal adult motion picture arcade, is not something that we typically see a lot of reports of. It’s something that’s fairly unusual.”

Even though the area is zoned commercial, the business never had a license.

The lack of signs made the neighbors suspicious.

LeMisio says, “My husband asked him what kind of business it was and he told him it was an exercise business.”

But when her husband asked if he could work out there, he was told it was members only.

LeMisio says, “I knew something was going to happen one day so we were just waiting.”

This is not the first time Sackett has been in trouble with the law.

Court records show cases in the 1980s and 1990s for exhibition of obscene material and keeping a house of prostitution.

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