Kaptur Defends Negative Ads Targeting Kucinich

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CLEVELAND -- One day after a bitter defeat in the democratic primary, Cleveland-area Congressman Dennis Kucinich is not backing down after slamming his long-time friend and opponent, Representative Marcy Kaptur.

When asked about his campaign in a newly redrawn 9th Congressional District, Kucinich stated he had no regrets.

“We ran a campaign that had integrity, that's something my friend in Toledo I hope takes notice of,” said Kucinich. “Every once in a while you might lose, it's okay. I have no problem with that at all. What I do have a problem with is a candidate who openly and roundly distorted the truth.”

After conceding the race, Kucinich told a group of supporters, "I would like to congratulate Congresswoman Kaptur, but I do have to say that she ran a campaign in the Cleveland media market that was utterly lacking in integrity, with false statements, half-truths, misrepresentations. I hope that is not the kind of representation she would provide to this community.”

Wednesday afternoon, Kucinich boarded a flight headed back to Washington, D.C.

Just before leaving Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, he said he was not sure what the future holds.

When asked if he will consider pursuing a political career in the state of Washington, he vaguely stated that he is committed to serving the people.

“I have to think about what the options are,” he said.

Kaptur said she intends to keep her focus on the voters.

“I think we all tried to present our records. We had a phantom force in this race in the form of a Texas Super PAC that smeared our record all over northern Ohio, which was out of control,” Kaptur said.

In a satellite interview with Fox 8 News, Kaptur defended her campaign, claiming she did not run any ads that portrayed Kucinich is a false light.

"I think his own words speak for himself and the particular ads were just on radio for a very brief time. I don’t think there were more than 12, I recall, or less, so it wasn't a big buy. We actually quoted the congressman and he would be the best person to ask about that, and I think the voters have spoken. I think the campaign was spirited on all sides," Kaptur said.

Kucinich will be out of a job come the end of December.

It will be the first time in 15 years that he will be without a seat in Congress.

Although he said he hasn't given much thought to the future, Fox 8's Lorrie Taylor found he may be back in the public eye faster than you think.

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