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FDA Warns of Toxic Mercury Found in Lotions, Skin Creams

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By Heidi Hemmat

DENVER (KDVR) — The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning for women about Mercury being found in some lotions and skin creams.

Mercury is highly toxic and it can cause a variety of health issues to adults and unborn children.

Devin Koontz with Denver’s branch of the FDA told KDVR the products are being made in other countries and sold in the U.S. on the Internet.

“They’re coming from outside the United States, the Middle East, Latin American countries, China and other Asian countries,” he said.

Long-term exposure to Mercury can damage kidneys and the nervous system and interfere with brain development of fetuses.

Short-term exposure can also make you sick.

“It can cause dizziness, vomiting, headache, tremors, changes to vision or hearing, irritability, depression, numbness and tingling in hands, feet or around the mouth,” Koontz said.

The FDA said you should read the product label and if it contains mercurous chloride, mercuric, mercurio or mercury, stop using it right away.

For more information about the products that contain mercury, click here.

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